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What can you say about John Lennon that hasn’t already been said? He is perhaps the most famous and iconic rock star of all time. The world knows everything about “Beatle John,” but what isn’t as well documented is John’s love affair with the visual arts. Attending the prestigious Liverpool Art Institute from 1957-1960, John’s main medium was pencil, pen and ink, and watercolor. His drawings became illustrations for three best selling books (In His Own Write, A Spaniard In The Works, and Skywriting By Word Of Mouth), and his “Bag One” suite is in the permanent collection of the Museum Of Modern Art in New York City.

John’s message of love along with his incredible humor and wit are obvious in all of his drawings. Yoko Ono said, “He did not just draw something to hide in the basement—most artists want to communicate something to people, not just something you throw in the trash can.”

John was a renaissance man whose insights and perspective helped shape the sensibility of the contemporary mind. While music will be remembered as his most popular art form, he loved his visual side just as much. The “Bag One Portfolio” we are offering is the ONLY hand signed artworks John released in his lifetime. Originally published in 1969 as a wedding gift to his wife, the suite of 15 drawings are truly masterpieces worthy of any museum collection.

We also have John Lennon’s artworks that was posthumously released and signed by Yoko Ono. Please e-mail us with all inquiries as our current list of available prints are constantly being updated.

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